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One of the most important goals of any SEO activities is to get your site to show up at the top of the search results when people type in specific terms. Whether you’re looking to rank well on a global level, or you only need visitors from local searches, ranking for the right keywords is essential. To make matters even more complex, the specific requirements to rank a keyword are constantly changing and evolving. Ranking well on Google, for example, requires a different focus than ranking well on Bing, and the requirements for both of these sites change over time.
This leads to the important question of how to target a specific keyword? Depending on which so called SEO expert you ask, you could get a wide range of different answers. The fact is, however, that Google and the other search engines are quickly moving toward systems which require high-quality content, specific types of links, and social engagement in order to rank well. While this makes it more difficult to rank keywords for some SEO services, it is actually a good thing for both businesses and high-quality SEO providers.

Targeting Specific Terms for Long Term Success

The mistake many companies and even SEO experts make is that they are using outdated SEO methods. Building tens of thousands of links from unrelated sites, for example, used to be an extremely effective way to quickly rank a page. Today, however, it might allow you to see some quick boosts in the ranking, but they will fade away just as fast. SEO practices today need to be in line with the goal of Google and the other search engines. When you provide high-quality content which is directed specifically toward providing the visitor with useful information, you’ll move up in the rankings.
The best part of this is that even as the search engines make changes to their algorithms, it will only help your site. Where old SEO methods were focused on gaming the search engine systems, today’s are focused on meeting visitor needs first, and improving search engine rankings second. This will, of course, end up helping more with search rankings in the long term, as well as provide excellent resources for visitors.

How to Target Specific Keywords Given the fact that quality SEO today is supposed to be targeted specifically to the visitor, many are curious how to let Google know which specific keywords a given page should rank for. This is where an experienced SEO expert can really make the difference. The first thing which needs to be focused on is on-page SEO. This starts with expertly written content for a page which provides visitors with the exact information they need, while also weaving the right keywords into the content seamlessly. Using bolding, titles and other proven optimization techniques, you can give the visitors what they need while also alerting Google to the keywords which the page should be ranked for.
For off-site SEO link building and off-site content creation are essential. This link building is quite different than what was done in the past. Today, the links should come from sites in related niches, social networks and high-quality off-site content. When done properly, this will help the search engines find your site and rank it well so the visitors can get the information they need.

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