Professional SEO Copywriting.

When you work with us we can not only provide the traditional organic SEO tasks such as link building, but we can also help create or improve on the content of your website and related sites.  This is done by one of our expert copywriters who will work with you to discover exactly what it is your business does and write effective content to help not only get your site ranked well with the search engines, but also provide people who visit your site with extremely valuable information.  There are two main things our copywriting experts will provide for you.  They are known as “onsite content” and “offsite content”.

Onsite Content

This is perhaps the single most important thing our copywriters can do for you.  They will write content which will help readers to understand what it is your business does.  It is written in a way which will help to show them why your business is the right place to get the products or services that you’re selling.  For many businesses this type of content will effectively be like having a salesman working for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  This is because the material posted to your site is available to potential customers all the time.

Whether the content is written with the ability to make a direct sale right from your website, or simply to provide them convincing information which will help draw them into your physical store, well written content on your site is invaluable.  Many companies have actually found that adding professionally written content to their site can increase their sales more than any other single change they could make.

Onsite content will help answer your potential customer’s questions, give them reasons why they should choose to do business with your company, sell or pre-sell your products or services and much more.  Top copywriting experts are able to transform your website into a lead generation or even sales generating tool.

Off Site Content

Offsite content is also written by a professional copywriter, but with a slightly different intent.  Rather than trying to get people to buy something directly, they want to get people to click through to your website.  It is also written to help the search engines with how they will rank your website.

This type of content is posted in a variety of places on the internet where people who are searching for products or services which you offer often go.  Our copyrighters will evaluate your services and then find what types of keywords people type into Google when they are looking for them.  Articles will then be written which include those keywords, and other similar variations.  This helps Google and the other top search engines to ‘learn’ what types of terms your site should rank well for.

In addition to the benefits you’ll get from the search engines, this content is also read by ‘real people’ who happen to be on those other sites.  When they read this content they will be offered a link back to your site which can bring them right to your door!