Need to improve the visibility of a website in a search engine’s?

One of the most powerful and popular services we offer is a full Organic SEO strategy.  Organic SEO is any strategy which attempts to get your web page to return at the top of the results pages on search engines without purchasing the ads.  There are many different things which need to be done in order to get the excellent results you’re looking for.  Our basic organic SEO package starts at $500 per month and it will target 15 keywords.  This package will result in you having your website listed on the first page of Google’s results within 3 to 6 months.

How It Works

When you order our organic SEO package will begin the process of getting your sites to rank well in Google.  There are many different things that we’ll do for you, which will combine to provide the great results you’re looking for.  To start with we will begin a comprehensive link building campaign for your site.  Google and other top search engines use the number and quality of links to a site as one of the main factors to determine where a site should be placed in their results.

Even if you’re site is perfect and provides great products or information, it will never come up in people’s search results without the right back links.  To do this we will find other sites on the internet that are related to your site’s main topics.  We will then comment on these blogs, make posts in forums and write articles about it.  These are the three main ways to get back links on the Internet and they work like this:

  • Blog Commenting – Most blogs have a section where people can make a comment on the post.  When we find a blog that is related to the products or services which you are offering we will write a custom comment on it.  These comments include the option to have a link to another page, which we will fill out with your website.  In addition to the direct back link from this page, you might get some people who click through directly from the comment to your page!
  • Forum Posting – Forums are a very popular type of site online where people come to discuss different subjects.  There are forums for just about any subject, so we will work to find one which your products or services fit in well with.  We will then add the link to your site in the profile of the account we create as well as in the signature.  When we post, you get a back link to your site and potentially traffic from other members on the forums!
  • Article Marketing – This is one of the most powerful methods of getting a back link.  We will write an article about your company, or something you can offer.  We then post that article on a variety of different ‘directories’ where other people can find them.  Within the article will be a link directly to your site which people can click on, and the search engines will find as well!