Negative SEO Increases the Importance of SEO Experts

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Up until a couple of years ago, website owners could do almost anything they wanted in an attempt to increase the ranking of their sites. People would use automated tools to create tens of thousands of links to web pages, hoping that the sheer number of links would result in the site ranking well. This actually worked quite well for a time, but then Google updated their algorithm. In their ongoing quest to improve search results, Google has made it less valuable to get huge numbers of links, and more valuable to get higher quality links.
The result of this was more than just making it more difficult to rank sites for people who didn’t really understand proper SEO, it actually made it possible to hurt your search results. When site owners built thousands of low-quality, unrelated links, Google would punish the site with either lower rankings in their search pages, or even removing them from the search results all together. With this in mind, businesses need to think carefully before attempting any SEO strategies on their own. It is also important to hire the right SEO expert to manage the site.

Negative SEO Especially Dangerous for Local Sites

Some large sites with a global audience can get away with having many low quality back links because of the fact that they are so large, and it is normal for huge sites to naturally build up thousands of links. With websites that are targeting a fairly small geographic area, however, even a small number of what Google would consider ‘spam links’ can quickly hurt the site’s rankings. The difficult part for site owners, then, is to figure out which types of links are low quality, and which aren’t.
Low quality links typically come from sites that are completely unrelated to the business. This could be anything from sites dedicated specifically to linking to other pages, or other types of unrelated sites. High-quality links for local SEO will often include social networking pages, other local review sites, article directories and other similar web properties. Finding and choosing which sites to build links on can be confusing for individuals who don’t have significant experience in the world of local SEO.

Constantly Changing

Another thing that makes it difficult for many business owners is that the algorithm is constantly changing from Google. Keeping up with what will benefit, and what will hurt a specific site can be a full time job in and of itself. This is one of the most significant advantages of working with a full time SEO expert for your business. These individuals follow the changes from the search engines, and stay up to date on all the latest news and information shared by Google and the other search engines.
Understanding not only what the search engines are doing, but also why is an important part of the SEO expert’s job. It will help them to predict future changes, and get ahead of the curve so they can improve the search results of their clients.

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