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Local companies can use their website to either make direct sales, or help get people off the fence and into their stores. If, however, nobody is finding the website, it won’t be of any use. Local SEO can help get Google and the other search engines to find and display a local business page to people in the area searching for the type of products or services provided by the business. What’s even better than that, though, is that the traffic which is brought to the site can be extremely targeted, meaning those who click on the page are very likely going to want to make a purchase or visit the store.
When managed properly, local SEO can target specific keywords which are known to be used by people who are either ready to make a purchase, or on the fence and just need a little convincing. An experienced SEO expert can find these types of keywords, and help any local business site to rank for them. Whether this means the site’s page will come up in the normal search results, or it will be displayed when the Google Places or other local services are triggered, the result will be a steady stream of high-quality traffic to the company website.

The Value of Targeted Traffic

Many companies buy leads for their business to try to convert into sales. Cold leads are simply names and numbers to call, even though they might not really be interested in buying a specific product. Warm leads, however, are already pre-screened so the company knows they are interested in the product or service being offered. Naturally, warm leads are going to convert into customers at a much higher rate. When it comes to websites, targeted traffic can be similar to a warm lead in that it is screened out to be interested in what the business has to offer.
Unlike warm leads, however, it doesn’t really cost anything more to get targeted traffic when using local SEO. All the things done to benefit SEO need to be done for a well run site, so making sure that they are all done in a way which will attract the targeted visitors will ensure the best results possible. Targeted traffic also benefits a company long into the future because the search engines are only growing and helping to drive even more traffic than ever before.

Choosing a Local SEO Expert

In order to get the targeted traffic a business needs, it is smart to hire an expert in local SEO. Experience in this area is essential because it will allow them to choose the right keywords to focus on, and get the results much faster than would otherwise be possible. In addition, local SEO strategies are constantly changing and improving, which means that an expert in this area will need to keep up to date with all the most effective techniques. This can take a significant investment in time studying and researching, which is well worth it for a committed SEO professional.

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