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Local businesses might feel like they don’t have a chance at attracting the targeted, high-quality traffic which is so valuable online. Competing against huge companies with millions of dollars in advertising budgets can be intimidating, but the fact is, local businesses often have a huge advantage over larger companies. Local SEO techniques can be used to help rank your business for some of the most targeted keywords out there, and even the best ‘buyers’ keywords.
This means that when people are searching for something related to the products or services your business offers, your site could come up at the top of the results. This is done through the use of geographic qualifiers such as city names, and the proper use of services like Google Places and Google Plus Local. When done properly, the search engines can tell where an individual is performing the search from, and will attempt to list local businesses at the top of the page. The trick is, however, to ensure that Google and the other search engines are not only aware that your site exists, but that it is designed to serve local customers.

Geographic Qualifiers for Local SEO

When looking for a specific product or service, a growing number of searchers are learning that adding in geographic qualifiers is an excellent idea. Rather than searching for “Romantic Restaurants,” for example, they will search for “Romantic Restaurants in Brooklyn.” This allows the search engines to provide more targeted results, as long as the business pages are employing local SEO techniques properly.
To make it even better for businesses, most search engines can automatically narrow down the results based on geography when people are using mobile phones. Based on the GPS location, many search engines will provide local results if they are available. This is why it is so important to have local business sites properly optimized for local results. Companies which don’t take this extra step may be missing out on the high-quality visitors they want to their sites.

Google Places & Other Local Services

Another important marketing technique for local businesses is to use the local services provided by Google and the other search engines. Google Places, Google Plus Local and others allow companies to have detailed profiles available, which may be displayed for local searches. Most people have seen search results which have a map and a list of local companies at the top. This is all done through these local search result services. Companies that miss out on this opportunity will find that they aren’t getting nearly the number of targeted services that they might expect.
The key to success using both geographic qualifiers and the local services is to ensure everything is managed properly. This means the on-site SEO must be done right, as well as all the off-page SEO techniques. While it is possible for businesses to do this one their own, it is much safer to have an experienced SEO expert handle the job for them. It can be a time consuming task, and since the algorithms of the search engines are always changing, it is important to ensure the person managing your SEO is keeping up with the latest trends. However you decided to do it, however, local SEO is essential to your business’s success.

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