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Google Places is a free service provided by Google for local companies to help them let potential customers learn a little bit about them. When filled out completely, and properly optimized, Google Places lets local companies share details such as the name of the company, its physical location, hours of operations, the types of things which are sold and much more. It will also display the reviews written by customers and posted on Google+.
There are many benefits of using Google Places for your business, but one of the most significant is that you are able to rank your site in the search results pages almost immediately. This makes it an ideal place to start for all local SEO strategies. Starting out with a properly filled out and optimized Google Places profile will really help to establish your business as a legitimate company in the eyes of Google. This will help you to be able to get improved SEO results from other methods down the road as well.

Excellent Local Search Results

As people continue to learn how to use search engines better every day, they are getting better at finding just what they want. One of the most significant examples of this is with the use of geographic qualifiers for search queries. Rather than simply typing in “Hardware store in New York” for example, many people are getting much more specific and typing something to the effect of, “Hardware store in North East New York City.” Many people even include a zip code in their search phrase, which allows Google to provide very specific search results.
The most effective way Google is able to do this is by using the Google Places profiles. Rather than simply putting a brief introduction to your site, along with a link to it, however, Google can quickly give searchers with much more information. Google Places results will typically show your company location on a small map, have your phone number and much more right on the front page. This is especially important for people using smart phones to do their searches. With a quick tap, they can call your store or have directions loaded into their phone’s GPS so they can drive right to you.

Google Places Helps Traditional Local SEO

Having a Google Places profile set up will also benefit all other local SEO efforts going forward. When Google has confirmed that your business is legitimate through the Google Places process, they can more confidently rank you for other search queries as well. This will lead to further traffic which comes from search results that don’t qualify to trigger the Google Places results from coming up. Of course, all of this relies on having a completed Google Places profile.
Creating a Google Places profile isn’t difficult to do in most cases, but taking the time to fill it out completely and correctly is very important. Many people choose to have an SEO service provider fill out their profile to ensure it is all done properly. This takes the stress and confusion out of local SEO techniques, and helps to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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