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What happens when a SEO company works with more than 1 client in the same niche in the same city?

Since there are only 3 spots available on the first page of Google, Pravda SEO never provides services to a 4th client in the same field and city.  Reserve your spot in the top 3 today at 646-334-3327!  

How do you pick the right SEO company for your business?

Always request ranking reports of the company’s current clients, as they showcase the success rate of the company’s SEO strategies.  Request our ranking report here 

How long will it take for my website traffic to increase? 

Traffic directly relates to an increase in search engine rankings, and as your rank goes up, more people will be able to see and visit your website. Working with us, you will see significant changes in 3 to 6 months depending on the business and the industry.  Take your first step to success - call 646-334-3327 today!

Do I need to continue SEO once my business has good rankings? 

Yes, because getting a high ranking is only one step in the process of your business attracting more customers. Since search engines are constantly evolving, it is crucial for your company to continue SEO in order to establish a pattern of long-term growth and increase in traffic.  Ensure long-lasting success for your business - call 646-334-3327!

Do search engines update their search algorithm often and does it impact SEO? 

The algorithms change constantly, both radically and incrementally, with many updates being made on an annual basis. These alterations influence your business’s ranking and position on search engines and it is crucial to stay on top of these changes with the help of an SEO agency that makes frequent updates to strategies in order to gain market advantage.  Call 646-334-3327 today for a detailed consultation from the owner!

How are keywords relevant to SEO?

Keywords are a crucial element of where your website appears in search results. Because potential customers use keywords to look for a business, it is essential to target the right terms. To identify the most effective keywords for your business and maximize the potential to interact with potential customers, working with an SEO agency is highly encouraged. At Pravda SEO, we do an extensive keyword research free of charge for any business that contacts us - all with no obligation.  Call 646-334-3327 today for quick and effective help with your keywords!

What types of businesses should use Local SEO?

Every single business with goods of services that are being looked for locally can benefit from using Local SEO! Contact us today at 646-334-3327 to learn the Local Search Marketing secrets your top competitors are already using.   Transform your success now - call 646-334-3327!

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